The Nation of Latinus, in blue.



Official languages

Latinic, English




Nu-Euro (N€)

The Nation of Latinus, or simply Latinus is the largest sovereign state in Tellus 2. Its territory consists of most of the southwest of Nu-Europe and north of Nu-Africa. It was the second country to be formed in the planet, in Anno Domini 2169.


After the establishment of Tellus 2, an exodus of the newly named 'Old Tellurians' boarded the first of the Ark ships, bound for colonisation. By the time Ark 3 arrived in 2143, a thriving colony of Portuguese, Spanish, French and some Italian workers had formed an alliance. Twenty years later in 2169 it became the second independant country on Tellus 2.


Despite speaking Base, Latinus culture and language stick to 'latinised' versions of words, and adopt ancient Latin and Greek names for their townships and peoples, with influences from modern Spanish, Portuguese and French.

The country's cuisine follows more Spanish traditions, most meals being several small dishes shared between people. Spiced meats and vegetables, garlic and yoghurt-based dips, dense breads and grains are the most staple items of at Latinican Banquet.


The main official language spoken in Latinus is Latinic - a mix of Spanish, Portuguese and French. Earth English is also recognized as an official language.


The southern regions are covered by desert, sitting on the edge of the 'equatorial bleed' from the far south. This area is largely uninhabitable, most of the country's population live in the temperate central and north-west.

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