These are the policies' of the wiki. It policy dictates what goes on around this wiki. Generally, this wiki is uncensored (in terms of violence), so if you are not prepared for a violent war between two countries once in a while, please leave.


Basically, the policies dictates the following:

  • Have fun! That's what this wiki is for!
  • This place isn't biased, religiously, politically, or in any other way.
  • Roleplay. That's one of the key things of this wiki. You create a country, and interact with other things.
  • Respect. All users, and that means all users, including admins. Disrespect isn't tolerated.
  • Listen. Regular users must listen to admins. But, if an admin is abusing his/her powers, you have the right to report that admin.

General Master PolicyEdit

Here is the full policy.

  • Respect all members.
  • No sexual content.
  • Swearing is tolerated at a small scale (may not be used in articles, but can be used in user and talk pages as long as it isn't meant to insult).
  • If a user is banned, respect his user page.
  • Violence is tolerated, though it may be removed if it is too violent.
  • Don't make people feel bad. No insults of a group, religion or race.
  • This place is not biased. Not at all. Not politically, not religiously, not in any way.
  • Use good spelling and check your grammar. Bad grammar and spelling in a page will result in major edits or deletion.
  • No edit wars. Pages with edit wars will be locked.
  • All users have rights, similar to human rights. They have the right to speak their mind, and the right to an opinion. Moderators that abuse their powers to manipulate opinions will be demoted and/or blocked.
  • Flaming is not tolerated. It will result in a block.


If one or more of the rules above have been disrespected, an action will be applied. Generally, that action is in this list:

  • Temporary block/ban — in case it isn't really fatal. Time varies on fatality.
  • Permanent block/ban — applied for fatal rules break.
  • Demote from its charge — applied for users with special rights. Check Special:UserRights.

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